Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I love, you more..

I love, you more..
Some feelings are bound only to some things
Doesn’t matter what other makes you feel
Only that one thing always clicks in mind..
Other might be of same importance
Might have everything you have
But Dumpty,
The first most is,
It’s not you..
The way you touched my heart
It can never reach that depth..
It doesn’t mean that
I don’t love my new friend..
Yes, I do.
But I love you, more…

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

That’s the best

That’s the best
Feelings felt, not for money,
Finding someone, to share ourselves completely with
Bound with love, not by religions or properties
Is something, whose worth is greater than anything…
Finding one, in whom we find every worldly relation
Is the greatest virtue…
It’s the best of luck..

Friday, 16 September 2016

..Happy birthday bro..

..Happy birthday bro..
No special texts,
No poems, no rhyming,
Nothing actually could describe
The love I have for you..
No word can explain the bond we share
No rhyme can tune our relation..
Thinking about you makes me so speechless
That I am even unable to write about you..
You are the best thing I have
You are the one, whom I want to be with, till the end..
No matter what happens
Love for you will never fade..
I love you
Have a very happy birthday Bhai…

Friday, 9 September 2016

Everything has its own value

Everything has its own value
God has created this world so wisely,
He makes us learn value of everything
We should learn that,
Life is a two sided coin..
Unless we are sad,
We can’t experience happiness..
Unless we are lost in darkness,
We don’t know the value of light..
Unless we shed tears,
Our lips can’t smile..
Unless there is a villain,
A hero is not a hero…
Whatever it may be
Good or evil,
God or devil,
It has its own importance,
Which effects other’s importance..

Friday, 2 September 2016

Let me sleep

Let me sleep
My eyes are tired of being awake
My brain is tired of thinking
My heart is tired of thumping
My thoughts are desiring to dream..
Let my eyelids fall
Let my mind slow down
Let my heart rest
Let me dream the paradise..
Oh, am too tired
...Let me sleep…

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Oh! Forget it..!

Oh! Forget it..!
No complicated introductions
To say simply
I am past…
You all know me better
I have all your memories
Sweet or bitter..
Am your shadow
I always do stay with you
But dear you,
Am just a part of you..
Am not your life
You have to forget me as time passes
And begin with something new..
When even I don’t live in my past
Then, why do you live in me??
Forget your bitter past
Or leave the past in the past
There is still lots of stuff to do..
…Move on friends…

Friday, 29 July 2016

Who are you?

Who are you?
Lights and lights
Everywhere its bright..
No sun and no moon
No colors, it’s only white…
Nowhere the darks
Nowhere the shadows
Everywhere the sparks
Nowhere the sorrows…
Thought am alone
Don’t know where I have gone
It’s a place where lights have grown
Might nobody have known…
It’s a dream I know
I always visit this place which always glow
A place of whites and snow
What’s here I don’t know…
On finishing my exploring
Someone I always see
Shudders in my spine always it does bring
Brighter white in all whites always come to me..
Softly it touches and takes my hand
Pulling me over it takes me forward
To a door
Door, don’t know where it opens
I always end up without opening it
And that brighter one,
Might be someone who wants me to come with
 gets away from me..
I just only wanna know
Who are you?
What are you?
Where do you wanna take me?

Monday, 18 July 2016

You are not, but it hurts..

You are not, but it hurts..
Once again
I have started thinking about you
Sorry again
This is what I’m telling you…
No use whatever I tell you now
You went so far that I can’t even see you
I don’t know why I often think about you
Dear Dumpty,
When I walk down street
Your baby always meets me..
She is so cute
Same like you..
She is so sweet
Just like you..
She sounds
A lot like you..
But when a man hit her for his fun
I felt very bad..
I got hurt, when she got hurt..
It felt like he is hurting you..
He was hurting her
But I, stood there still,
Answer less, I don’t know why..

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Jungle book

Jungle book
“Look out!” this is what I first spoke when I found myself in a jungle
I took me a moment to understand whatever is happening
Deer, ape, zebra, every jungle member was running
‘cause the jungle king is in a mood to kill everyone..
Everybody there was trying to save the animal hood
Baby bears, baby gazelles, baby giraffes,
There were a lot of them…
I stood there like a statue
With my eyes scanning everything..
Few feet away there was a fallen tree
Covered with ivy..
There he stood,
The heavy, strong and bold TIGER!
Anger in his eyes
Terror in his roar
Oh god! Please save us from this tragedy..
To his roar my nerves got its reflexes
Even I started to escape the tiger..
But wait!
My feet? Oh god!
I have hooves!
What’s happening?
Half of my body looks like deer’s
I have horns in my head..
My brown hair falling on my shoulder with curls,
Are wildly pretty..
Whatever it may be
It’s clear now that even I am a part of wild
Even I need to escape from my king…
And so,
It started…
We all ran in groups
Heading every direction possible..
He was only one
But it seemed like he is everywhere…
I don’t know how
But I climbed a tree and a bear followed me up the tree..
And so every animal followed him as if there is something above which can save us..
By now, every animal became my friend but not the tiger..
He was down there,
Under the tree..
I climbed up
Up above as much as I can..
Half of me was a deer but am human too..
I have hands
And so I put my hand up to climb up above..
But I felt it grassy and wet
When I climbed up,
I found a meadow..
It was like an entrance for another world
And yes! We found a solution to our problem..
I took everybody with me above to the meadow
And we cut off that tree
So the tiger can’t come up…
All my friends were happy
They hugged me…
And we started exploring the meadow..
There was a villa
A very beautiful one
I moved forward to explore it..
Inside there I found a couple
At first they were afraid
But when I explained them everything
They gave us shelter
They gave us food
They saved our lives!
Worries dead, happiness spread..
It’s a perfect dream to dream..
Half human half deer can only exist in dreams like mine..
Isn’t it?

Saturday, 25 June 2016

…Happy Anniversary…

…Happy Anniversary…
God has given us all some gifts..
Of which one is very special..
He gave us parents
Our parents are gifts given by god..
Personally, if I speak about mine,
They are very special to me..
They are path to which my life moulds..
Specially, my mom
She always cares for us at the most..
She always teaches good and bad..
She always helps us overcome problems..
She is really very special..
And my dad,
He just always thinks about us..
His care, his love is very precious..
They are the gift given by god..
And their anniversary could be a fest..
…Happy anniversary mom and dad….

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Its father's day..

Its father's day..
Every child does something for his dad this day
They make cards,
They buy gifts..
They wake early
They wish their dad..
They give their presents
And so the day is over..
But friends,
Dads who care for us everyday
Dads who shower their love on us every minute..
Dads who think of us every second
I don't think we need a day to celebrate this affection.. 
Their love is unconditional
Their love is unlimited
We can't repay all their gratitude in just a day..
I love you, dad...
...Happy father's day...

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Music is a single word
With thousands of definitions..
Music is a world,
With all feelings in it…
Music is a friend,
Who stays forever with us..
Actually is everything..
Like words accompany a tune
Music accompanies feelings..
Like tunes change for the feelings
Music changes with the mood..
When we are happy
It makes us more happy..
When we’re sad or worried
It helps us in facing the difficulties..
Low or high, every note it has
Harsh or sweet, every word it speaks
Always makes our hearts light..
Music is a special power
Which gives us strength
To face almost every situation in life..
 For me,
Music is a part of my day
It is something without which I can’t even sleep
…And, I love music…

Thursday, 9 June 2016


I fell down…
I stepped on a pebble,
I slipped
Oops! Am under water..
Am breathing, I don’t know how..
It’s beautiful and clean
So beautiful coral
So beautiful reef
And so the beautiful fish..
“Oh no, it’s coming to me!!”
I saw some box shaped structure away from here
I thought it best to hide in..
It looked like old treasure box
I opened it, found a lot of treasure in it..
But no use,
I need to get out of this to use my treasure..
So I left it..
“Hello, May I help you?”
Someone told me, I thought someone else is also underwater…
I turned happily to greet..
But for my surprise nobody was there..
I saw fish coming to me..
She asked me..
“Hmm, a little”
“Worry not, I will not hurt you, friend.”
It’s the fish who spoke to me..
She took me for the ride of the ocean..
She showed me her home
Her toys, everything..
She showed me some people too..
“What? People?”
I asked her..
“Oh friend, don’t you know you are in an aquarium?
Don’t you see am a single fish here?”
“Oh no!”
“I am in an aquarium!”
“Somebody get me out of here!”

Thursday, 2 June 2016

You still do…..

You still do…..
Months passed that we have been seen each other..
Am coming to you
But I don’t know you remember me or not..
I remember how we played together
I remember how we cared for each other..
It may be silly for the world for I am writing about you,
About dogs…
World may see me playing with dogs
But I say am playing with my friends
Friends who never differentiate feelings based on kind
Friends who doesn’t care the world, being with me..
Friends who always enjoy walking with me from school to stop
Or from stop to the school…
I remember you walking with me, all the time, to board the bus or walking to the school..
I remember how excited you both feel when you see cookies in my hands…
But am not sure you remember me or not..
When I was at the school, today,
I found none of you..
I thought you left away
I thought I may not meet you again
I thought we may not meet again…
So I was leaving, disappointed,
When my friend asked me to look around
And see you swinging your tail,
ready to lick my hand…
Oh! I found you!!
You came to me
I wasn’t sure from where you saw me
But am glad you came to me…
I enjoyed walking with you till the cross roads
I felt something in your eyes when I was leaving
You stood there on the side of the road until I crossed it..
Oh dear, you still care me as you did before..

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


I know you are only a glass with some wood behind it
I know you can only show what is displayed to you
But whenever I stand in front of you,
You take me to the world where I want to be
You show me myself how I wish me to be
You pick everything which runs between my heart and brain..
You take me to the heights which I may not gain…
You show me dreams which are yet unseen
You show me everything I want to have…
Don’t know how you can do this
Don’t how just a mirror
Can show my desires, my goals, my aims, everything I want.. 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Oh! Was that a dream..?

Oh! Was that a dream..?
I remember, I was on my bed
My teddy on my right
And a pillow on my left..
But I woke somewhere
I don’t know where…
Trees touch the sky
Grass is so high
Mounts look like huge rocks
Everything here shocks..
I was moving forward
Some chuckling I heard..
 It was like something coming closer
I hid behind the huge bush as I felt danger..
I saw it coming
It was big,
It has white fur
Shining in sunlight..
It looked like I saw it somewhere..
It was something I know..
It was coming closer
Much closer, that I can hear its breathe..
I felt something touch my back
“Oh nooo!!!” it was back of me..
I figured out while running that it was a cat..
It was a lot faster than me..
It made me run through that place around three times
It gave me clear vision that,
I am in my garden..
I know every inch of this place..
Everything here, now, is very big..
Big ants, big bees,
Big pebbles, big daisies…
White furry cat was no other
But my pet..
I was still confused till I realized
That I have become smaller
Very little to this big world..
I thought I escaped my pet
But how could a cat leave its prey??
She attacked me
Her paw was on my chest
And so I fell unconscious…
And when I woke up I found myself in my bed,
Between my teddy and a pillow…

Thursday, 26 May 2016

I will wait

I will wait
I was fainted..
Lost somewhere, don’t know where..
I woke in a dizzy state..
Only thing I remember was
You were thing I saw last…
I don’t know where you are..
I don’t even know what has happened
Only thing I know
You left me here where I am now..
Don’t know how long you will take to come back
I will wait for you
Even if storms pass over me
Even if sun burns my feathers
Even if cold chills my veins
Even if thorns pierce my chest
I will sing, cry n’ scream
However it may be
Any longer it may be
I will call you
For even if I end up
Sitting on this branch
Waiting for you
I will never stop calling you..