Friday, 29 July 2016

Who are you?

Who are you?
Lights and lights
Everywhere its bright..
No sun and no moon
No colors, it’s only white…
Nowhere the darks
Nowhere the shadows
Everywhere the sparks
Nowhere the sorrows…
Thought am alone
Don’t know where I have gone
It’s a place where lights have grown
Might nobody have known…
It’s a dream I know
I always visit this place which always glow
A place of whites and snow
What’s here I don’t know…
On finishing my exploring
Someone I always see
Shudders in my spine always it does bring
Brighter white in all whites always come to me..
Softly it touches and takes my hand
Pulling me over it takes me forward
To a door
Door, don’t know where it opens
I always end up without opening it
And that brighter one,
Might be someone who wants me to come with
 gets away from me..
I just only wanna know
Who are you?
What are you?
Where do you wanna take me?

Monday, 18 July 2016

You are not, but it hurts..

You are not, but it hurts..
Once again
I have started thinking about you
Sorry again
This is what I’m telling you…
No use whatever I tell you now
You went so far that I can’t even see you
I don’t know why I often think about you
Dear Dumpty,
When I walk down street
Your baby always meets me..
She is so cute
Same like you..
She is so sweet
Just like you..
She sounds
A lot like you..
But when a man hit her for his fun
I felt very bad..
I got hurt, when she got hurt..
It felt like he is hurting you..
He was hurting her
But I, stood there still,
Answer less, I don’t know why..

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Jungle book

Jungle book
“Look out!” this is what I first spoke when I found myself in a jungle
I took me a moment to understand whatever is happening
Deer, ape, zebra, every jungle member was running
‘cause the jungle king is in a mood to kill everyone..
Everybody there was trying to save the animal hood
Baby bears, baby gazelles, baby giraffes,
There were a lot of them…
I stood there like a statue
With my eyes scanning everything..
Few feet away there was a fallen tree
Covered with ivy..
There he stood,
The heavy, strong and bold TIGER!
Anger in his eyes
Terror in his roar
Oh god! Please save us from this tragedy..
To his roar my nerves got its reflexes
Even I started to escape the tiger..
But wait!
My feet? Oh god!
I have hooves!
What’s happening?
Half of my body looks like deer’s
I have horns in my head..
My brown hair falling on my shoulder with curls,
Are wildly pretty..
Whatever it may be
It’s clear now that even I am a part of wild
Even I need to escape from my king…
And so,
It started…
We all ran in groups
Heading every direction possible..
He was only one
But it seemed like he is everywhere…
I don’t know how
But I climbed a tree and a bear followed me up the tree..
And so every animal followed him as if there is something above which can save us..
By now, every animal became my friend but not the tiger..
He was down there,
Under the tree..
I climbed up
Up above as much as I can..
Half of me was a deer but am human too..
I have hands
And so I put my hand up to climb up above..
But I felt it grassy and wet
When I climbed up,
I found a meadow..
It was like an entrance for another world
And yes! We found a solution to our problem..
I took everybody with me above to the meadow
And we cut off that tree
So the tiger can’t come up…
All my friends were happy
They hugged me…
And we started exploring the meadow..
There was a villa
A very beautiful one
I moved forward to explore it..
Inside there I found a couple
At first they were afraid
But when I explained them everything
They gave us shelter
They gave us food
They saved our lives!
Worries dead, happiness spread..
It’s a perfect dream to dream..
Half human half deer can only exist in dreams like mine..
Isn’t it?