Saturday, 25 June 2016

…Happy Anniversary…

…Happy Anniversary…
God has given us all some gifts..
Of which one is very special..
He gave us parents
Our parents are gifts given by god..
Personally, if I speak about mine,
They are very special to me..
They are path to which my life moulds..
Specially, my mom
She always cares for us at the most..
She always teaches good and bad..
She always helps us overcome problems..
She is really very special..
And my dad,
He just always thinks about us..
His care, his love is very precious..
They are the gift given by god..
And their anniversary could be a fest..
…Happy anniversary mom and dad….

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Its father's day..

Its father's day..
Every child does something for his dad this day
They make cards,
They buy gifts..
They wake early
They wish their dad..
They give their presents
And so the day is over..
But friends,
Dads who care for us everyday
Dads who shower their love on us every minute..
Dads who think of us every second
I don't think we need a day to celebrate this affection.. 
Their love is unconditional
Their love is unlimited
We can't repay all their gratitude in just a day..
I love you, dad...
...Happy father's day...

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Music is a single word
With thousands of definitions..
Music is a world,
With all feelings in it…
Music is a friend,
Who stays forever with us..
Actually is everything..
Like words accompany a tune
Music accompanies feelings..
Like tunes change for the feelings
Music changes with the mood..
When we are happy
It makes us more happy..
When we’re sad or worried
It helps us in facing the difficulties..
Low or high, every note it has
Harsh or sweet, every word it speaks
Always makes our hearts light..
Music is a special power
Which gives us strength
To face almost every situation in life..
 For me,
Music is a part of my day
It is something without which I can’t even sleep
…And, I love music…

Thursday, 9 June 2016


I fell down…
I stepped on a pebble,
I slipped
Oops! Am under water..
Am breathing, I don’t know how..
It’s beautiful and clean
So beautiful coral
So beautiful reef
And so the beautiful fish..
“Oh no, it’s coming to me!!”
I saw some box shaped structure away from here
I thought it best to hide in..
It looked like old treasure box
I opened it, found a lot of treasure in it..
But no use,
I need to get out of this to use my treasure..
So I left it..
“Hello, May I help you?”
Someone told me, I thought someone else is also underwater…
I turned happily to greet..
But for my surprise nobody was there..
I saw fish coming to me..
She asked me..
“Hmm, a little”
“Worry not, I will not hurt you, friend.”
It’s the fish who spoke to me..
She took me for the ride of the ocean..
She showed me her home
Her toys, everything..
She showed me some people too..
“What? People?”
I asked her..
“Oh friend, don’t you know you are in an aquarium?
Don’t you see am a single fish here?”
“Oh no!”
“I am in an aquarium!”
“Somebody get me out of here!”

Thursday, 2 June 2016

You still do…..

You still do…..
Months passed that we have been seen each other..
Am coming to you
But I don’t know you remember me or not..
I remember how we played together
I remember how we cared for each other..
It may be silly for the world for I am writing about you,
About dogs…
World may see me playing with dogs
But I say am playing with my friends
Friends who never differentiate feelings based on kind
Friends who doesn’t care the world, being with me..
Friends who always enjoy walking with me from school to stop
Or from stop to the school…
I remember you walking with me, all the time, to board the bus or walking to the school..
I remember how excited you both feel when you see cookies in my hands…
But am not sure you remember me or not..
When I was at the school, today,
I found none of you..
I thought you left away
I thought I may not meet you again
I thought we may not meet again…
So I was leaving, disappointed,
When my friend asked me to look around
And see you swinging your tail,
ready to lick my hand…
Oh! I found you!!
You came to me
I wasn’t sure from where you saw me
But am glad you came to me…
I enjoyed walking with you till the cross roads
I felt something in your eyes when I was leaving
You stood there on the side of the road until I crossed it..
Oh dear, you still care me as you did before..